Sleep Evaluations

A personal sleep evaluation-the first step to sleeping better.

Wondering if you need the care of a sleep specialist as you struggle through another night of sleeplessness, or another day of drowsiness? Make an appointment with United Sleep Medicine for a sleep evaluation.

At United Sleep Medicine, a sleep evaluation begins with an office visit with one of our sleep specialists. During this visit, an extensive health history, physical exam and interview will be conducted. If possible, bring your bed partner along for the interview as they can answer questions about your sleep patterns that many times you cannot.

Sleep Study

All of this information will help the sleep specialist piece together the next plan of action, which many times will require an overnight sleep study. A sleep study is called a Polysomnogram or PSG. These tests are performed in our sleep center in a quiet, peaceful hotel-like room where we can monitor your brain waves, heart activity, breathing, chest movements, leg, arm, abdomen and eye movements, oxygen levels and more.

There is no pain involved during a sleep study and every effort to maintain your normal sleep routine is made during your stay.

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Next Steps to Sleep

After your sleep study, you will be scheduled to follow up with the sleep specialist to review the results of your study. During this time, a customized treatment plan will be developed. Treatment plans vary and could include a course of action for weight loss, oral appliance, Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) therapy, or in some cases, surgery to relieve the symptoms preventing you from getting the sleep you need for a healthy life.

If you would like more detailed information on sleep disorders and how they can impact your sleep and your life, contact the caring team at

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